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Copyright and intellectual property

Copyright for customers 

The following guidance is and extract from The Association of Photographers website.

Copyright is about the ownership of creative work. The law (in the form of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988) gives creators ownership of their work. Professional photographers make their living by licensing the use of their work, not by selling it outright.

If you buy a music track or a book, (you buy the right, i.e. a licence, to play that music, or to read that book, for yourself – you don’t own it outright).
This is an important distinction and a source of confusion for some who may think that as they’ve paid the photographer, they own the photographs and can do with them as they like. This is not the case.

When you commission a photographer, you will automatically be granted some rights to use the resulting photographs. What those rights allow you to do with the photographs varies from photographer to photographer. If you want greater rights than the photographer provides as their standard, there will be additional fees to pay – that’s only fair and allows photographers to operate sustainably – after all, developing long-term business relationships is good for everyone.

If you wanted full ownership of the photographs, you would need to purchase the copyright from the photographer. This is called an ‘assignation of copyright’. It needs to be a written document, signed by the photographer and transfers the title/ownership in the photographs to you in full. Obviously, this will come with a price as the photographer is giving up any potential to earn additional income from those photographs in future as well as any control over how those photographs might be used. It is important to remember that if photographs are used out of context, badly cropped, poorly retouched and so on, that can reflect adversely on the photographer and their reputation for producing good work, therefore impacting their ability to earn in the future. 

More information can be found at the AOP website. Click here for details.

How can you use the work we have created for you?

You can use the photographic or video work we produce for exactly the purpose you requested when you asked us to provide a quotation. (This is typically for a period of 1 year, however we are usually amenable to extending the usage license at the time we negotiate the contract to fit with your needs).

What license does the price include?

Our price includes a usage license for the project you requested and agreed in the contract between us. This price reflects any licensing we have negotiated with third party suppliers such as:

  • Model/actors/talent agency.
  • Voice over artist.
  • Amateur models. (Whilst we may from time to time negotiate with amateur models, we do expect to pay them and define the usage parameters). 
  • Photo Library.
  • Other content providers.

Our licensing is non transferrable unless specifically agreed in advance in writing and you may also not transfer usage to any other third party either for financial gain or any other purpose. 

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Imagery and content on this website

All the imagery and content on this website is protected by copyright law and may not be used without our knowledge and written permission to do so. 

Can I buy a licence to use imagery on this website?

Yes you can buy a licence to use photography and video content displayed on this website for use in your own marketing material or at home.

We provide licenses for our imagery as follows:

  • Digital usage including websites, e-marketing and social media.
  • Usage for press advertising or printed literature.
  • Usage for framing and home / office decoration.

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